Thinking of children on International Street Children Day

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Despite huge advances made in getting children into school around the world, there are still 264 million children, adolescents and youth who did not attend school in 2016 (UN sources). In fact, the UN states there are up to 150 million children living on the street today, which make up a large part of the many children who do not receive any kind of schooling.

Getting these children into education is a challenge

The Consortium for Street Children (#CSC) advocates the 12th of April as the International Day for Street Children to raise the voice of children to ‘create change and to ensure they are not overlooked’. The ‘4 Steps to Equality’ campaign is being launched by CSC in 2018 – to call governments around the world to take four steps that will achieve equality for street children.
The 4 Steps summarise the UN General Comment on Children in Street Situations, which is guidance written by the United Nations to explain how governments can make sure that street-connected children are able to access their rights. Indeed, too often, street children are unable to access things most of us take for granted – like going to the hospital, accessing justice when harmed, being protected from harassment and violence, and much more.
Find out more about the 4 steps and how you can help this International Day for Street Children here.

Our actions

Syleang spent her days looking for recycling material before we found her and placed her in our AEAI specialist school.

Here at Aide et Action International, we have several projects which aim to get street children into school, including:

Our results

Syleang at the AEAI specialist school learning to read and write before entering Cambodia’s national education system.

Over 60,000 children have already benefited from our activities. Children like Syleang in Cambodia, who has been attending one of our specialist education programmes for street children, and has since learnt to read, write in Khmer, and count. Thanks to our work, Syleang will soon be able to integrate public school and the national curriculum.

Our needs

For the 60,000 children like Syleang who we are already helping, there are, unfortunately, still too many who are still risking their lives being on the street. On International Street Children Day, help us help them receive the schooling they deserve by making a small donation. So that we no longer have to celebrate a street children day in the future…