Support to pre school in urban area


A”courtyard” kindergartens : a family-based alternative to enable the schooling of children in the 3-5 year age group.


In Mali, only 5-6% of children in the 3-6 year age group go to pre-school in nursery schools, mostly in Bamako. But both in the capital and in rural areas, the development of early childhood centres, whether private or community centres, faces the same stumbling block – their cost. Even the minimum is too high for the often very poor parents, especially since they find it difficult to understand the need to provide their children early learning opportunities before schoolgoing age and consider that language is learnt during their schooling.

The project

To avoid small children being deprived of early childhood support, which is fundamental for their personal development and future schooling, the Senou project is experimenting with an innovative and far from costly mechanism in Bamako’s inner suburbs, for providing early learning to children within the family milieu: “courtyard” kindergartens, supervised by a member of the families living around it. Its secondary benefits for the entire family as a whole (education of parents with regard to children’s needs, behaviour correction) strengthen the perspective of a relevant, sustainable and replicable model.


–      Recruitment and training of family guardians or tutors.

–      Preparation of a child development activity programme (cognitive, psycho-motor, linguistic; initiation to health, hygiene and living together harmoniously).

–      Training of facilitators for supervision.



Project location / Bamako, Mali
Region / Africa
Area / Early childhood
Duration / 2013 - 2016
The project covers / 200 children of 3-6 years of age
Project manager / Sandrine Tembely
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