Reforestation and Environmental Management Education


Fight against mass deforestation through local action by communities trained in looking after and managing their environment.


On the Haiti border, the Dominican province of Elias Pina shares the Arbonite River catchment area and the ravages of intensive deforestation with its neighbouring province: desertification, water scarcity and soil depletion, making it unsuitable for cultivation. In this region – the poorest in the country (82.4% of poor households) – Aide et Action International had undertaken an initial project to enable communities to manage their water resources after the construction of an aqueduct. Today, the project invites them to preserve and manage their forests and food crops.

The project

Increasing the income and quality of life of local populations by teaching them to preserve and manage their natural resources and environment: the project calls for collective mobilisation (of community leaders, rural or agricultural associations, students, families, etc.) and individual and collective responsibility. Succeeding in locally providing a relevant response to deforestation and soil degradation also means paving the way for policy action in this field, at national, regional and international level.


–      Sensitisation and information of communities, in schools.

–      Creation of family gardens for personal consumption and marketing. Training in alternative cultivation methods (organic fertilizers, etc.).

–      Reforestation Day (plantation of 18,000 trees), rehabilitation of a nursery

Project location / Elias Pina Province, Dominican Republic
Region / Latin America and Caribbean
Area / Sustainable development and global citizenship Education
Duration / 2012 - 2014
The project covers / 200 farmers, 100 families; indirectly: 500 families
Project manager / Dario Carvajal
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