Nap Vanse 2 : Support to schools in Haiti


Support for rebuilding the educational system in a post-emergency phase.


Over 4000 schools were destroyed in Haiti by the 12 January 2010 earthquake, which led to over 220,000 deaths and made 1.5 million people homeless. Four years later, while 150,000 persons are still living in tents, the reconstruction process continues to face a struggle in a number of sectors, including that of education, where the needs are considerable. Indeed, even before the earthquake, only one out of every two children went to school in Haiti.

The project

In Léogâne, the town in the west of the country that was one of the worst hit because of its closeness to the epicentre of the earthquake, Aide et Action International’s Nap Vanse project had provided support during the emergency and also for the return to school for the first time after the earthquake for children whose families had lost everything. After the cholera epidemic and hurricane Sandy in 2012, much still remained to be done – among others: support for sending the most vulnerable children back to school, improving teaching through the provision of teaching material in classes and the continuous training of teachers (thousands of teachers were lost due to the earthquake).


–         Support to the most vulnerable (displaced children): coverage of school expenses, distribution of school and health & hygiene kits.

–         Support to two school canteens (one hot meal per day).

–         Basic pedagogical material for 20 schools.

–         Continuous training for teachers.

–         Health, hygiene and prevention support and education.


Project location / Léogâne, Haïti
Region / Latin America and Caribbean
Area / Emergency and post-emergency
Duration / 2011 - 2013
The project covers / 1500 children, 200 teachers, 20 schools
Project manager / Guilène Bordes
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