The International Directors Committee

The International Director General (IDG), selected by the International Board, designates the International Directors’ Committee (IDC), executive bodies. The IDC, the Association’s steering body, ensures the implementation of the global orientations. Consisting of the International Director General, Regional Directors and cross-cutting functions, the IDC has around 6 members.
This number may change, depending on the Association’s needs.

  • Eric OUANNES,
    International Director General

    Close to 20 years in the humanitarian sector and associations, Eric Ouannes has a strong background in operational and financial leadership, management and strategy development. Based in several countries in Africa, Asia, middle-East and Europe, as General Director for Médecins sans frontières Japan (MSF) and President of the Board of MSF Korea, Eric Ouannes has worked with many governments, international organisations and multilateral agencies in order to influence their work and policies.
    He joined Aide et Action on 15th of August 2016 as International Director General of Aide et Action International.

  • Koffi ADJIMON,
    Regional Director Africa

    An agro-economist by training, Koffi Adjimon started his career as an agro-economics research manager in the Institute for Cotton and Textiles Research in Togo. Within this framework, he provided support, in particular, for the development of an EFD (European Development Fund) project in Togo’s Bassar region.
    He joined Aide et Action in 1993 and held the post of West Africa Programme Manager before becoming the West Africa Regional Director. Training in the management of training programmes in 2010 enabled him to enhance his skills before taking up the post of Africa Regional Coordination Director in 2012.

  • Charles-Emmanuel BALLANGER,
    Director France/Europe

    Passionately interested in the training and success of people, Charles-Emmanuel Ballanger spent 24 years in this field in different posts (from being a trainer to holding the post of a national manager), within the organisation, “Maisons Familiales Rurales” (a network of voluntary youth and adult training centres in France). In 2007, he changed his course by setting up an audio-video company for the private sector. In 2013, he returned to his reigning passion and his values: education, solidarity and support for development by taking up the post of Director, France-Europe in Aide et Action.

  • Véronique FAVREAU,
    Director of Switzerland

    Véronique Favreau joined Aide et Action in June 2009. With degrees in German and Human Resources/Corporate Management, she put her skills to use in the international corporate sector before working with partners in a corporate works council. For almost 14 years, she gained multidisciplinary experience in different areas of activity in this sector and came across Aide et Action in 2007. Two years later, she was entrusted with directing the Swiss entity, more convinced than ever before that “education can change the world”.

  • Ravi Pratap SINGH
    Regional Director South Asia

    Holding an engineering degree (specialising in water and soils), Ravi Pratap Singh has worked in the development sector since 1991. He has worked in several national and international NGOs, managing multidisciplinary teams working in the development sector, including teams working on issues related to education, means of subsistence and natural resource management. He has served on several missions in Asia and Africa. He has undergone the Leadership Development Program in the Institute of Asian Studies, University of Chulalongkorn (Bangkok) and the Management Development Program in the Aga Khan Foundation, University of Ottawa.
    He joined Aide et Action International in the post of Regional Director, South Asia, in May 2008.